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My 1st post February 27, 2010

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well well well, i have finally got a blog, after being told by the hubbie to be for a while that i should get one i have given in. Im not sure exactly what i plan to post yet as my life consists of mainly poo, playgroup & cbeebies but im sure, as i am managing now to fill a page!

Maybe i will write it like a diary detailing my day or perhaps just using it to vent my annoyance at strangers thinking its ok to talk to me as i have a baby. Take for example yesterday i was crossing the road ( or trying to) at 5 to 9 in the morning and i happen to see a lollypop lady across the road. I stand opposite her maybe slightly to the left & she shouts across the road & traffic ‘LOVE, YOU NEED TO BE OPPOSITE ME, IM ONLY INSURED FOR THIS STRIP OF THE ROAD’ now i obviously assume she is joking but she is not. Instead of waiting until i have safely crossed the road she walks back with me chatting. Im sorry ‘love’ but i have no intention of being friends and i just want to go to the doctors, not talk about the weather or the rain, did you not consider this went you went to lollypop lady training ( or what not). She was gone when i returned! Another of my pet hates is people talking to my son in a stupid voice & asking him if he is a baby. Well its quite clear he is a baby & you are an idiot for asking.

this blogging stuff is easy!


One Response to “My 1st post”

  1. Pop Smarts Says:

    What are you banging on about? 😉

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